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Montessori Room

Our Montessori room is a spacious, open environment that is pleasing to the eyes in a simple way that provides real experiences to our students. Every aspect of Montessori is especially placed to help the development of our students. Everything in the environment is proportional to the heights and sizes of kindergarten-age children. Its low shelves make every item reachable. Tables and chairs of different sizes provide options for children to choose whether to sit individually or in groups. The classroom is divided into themed areas where related materials (such as science or language arts) are exposed on the shelves. A visual guide is provided for the tools in our rooms. Our students have freedom to move around, choose whether to be alone or with friends, and guide themselves in self-directed learning activities by choosing their own materials from the shelves and putting the items back in their places for others to use.

Our Montessori environment is especially designed to promote the child's sense of independence in exploring various learning processes. Freedom and self-discipline enable each child to find activities that support their academic needs and enhance their learning experiences. This classroom welcomes young children of different ages and promotes the development of cooperation, mutual respect, a desire to learn and the acquisition of deep knowledge as they discover opportunities to teach others.

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