Job Vacancies


Ubon Adventist International Mission School teachers and administrators are dedicated educators who provides a high quality education and are committed to the moral character of each student for the advancement of Thai society, the promotion of family values, and the hope of eternal happiness. UAIMS is providing a positive learning environment, our faculty members guide children to become ethical and principled individuals.


Candidates for certified vacancies at UAIMS for SY 2022-2023 requires a professional educator’s license and at least or more than two years of experience in a K-12 school. At least BA in Education or in related field. Must be Seventh-Day Adventist. All contracts extension will be reviewed at the end of term of employment ends.



Homeroom Teachers (needs for Kindergarten and Elementary school)

Physical Education Teacher

Music Teacher

Computer Teacher cum IT Manager


  • Active member of a Seventh-day Adventist

  • With 5-year Thai Teaching License

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or in related field

  • Experiences in teaching Kindergarten to Middle School age children

School Chaplain cum Adventurer & Pathfinder Club Coordinator


  • Must have a degree in Education or Theology

  • At least 2 years of teaching experience in a school

  • Active member of a Seventh-Day Adventist church

  • Works well with student age 4-16 years’ old

  • An invested Master Guide

  • Being readily available and approachable

  • An effective communicator and having a genuine interest in children/youth and their salvation

  • Being a person of integrity with positive outlook on life

  • Exhibiting ethical behavior and an authentic Christian lifestyle


Requirements for all candidates:

If you are interested in joining UAIMS, please submit your application letter as well as your resume/CV, and a copy of university (undergraduate and graduate) authenticated transcripts and diplomas awarded to the Director at copy furnished to


Please provide contact information for four references including your pastor (or someone familiar with your Christian life), a supervisor, and a friend. The information of your referees should include the name, position, complete mailing address, and work and home phone numbers. References such as relatives are not acceptable.


UAIMS requires a personal/virtual interview for all shortlisted candidates. This may be conducted at our school, a mutually agreed upon location, or possibly via Skype or ZOOM.


Please note that any candidates who pass the final interview are required to provide a medical certificate before being offered a job.