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  • To integrate service, worship, fellowship and Adventist Christian Culture into the curriculum and programs of the school. 

  • To achieve academic excellence by coordinating clearly articulated benchmarks and standards.

  • To provide ongoing professional growth and development opportunities for teachers and staff.

  • To allocate plant and facilities to best utilize our limited space for safe and efficient functioning of each department.

  • To develop and implement a decision-making model for change that includes all stakeholders of the school.

  • To improve English communication skill to prepare students for careers in a global community. 

  • To constantly ensure a safe, comfortable and attractive school environment.

  • To annually update School Emergency and Life Safety Plan.

  • To ensure that school communication with parents and stakeholders is clear, concise, professional and caring.

Expected School-Wide Learning Outcomes (ESLO)

Ubon Adventist International Mission School has identified important learning outcomes and their related proficiencies, and focuses its efforts towards preparing each student to be:

A Critical Thinker who;

  • Effectively uses a variety of complex strategies (higher order thinking skills)

  • Effectively translates issues and situations into manageable tasks that have a clear purpose

A Quality Producer who;

  • Applies academic and vocational skills

  • Uses resources and technology

  • Creates quality products

An Effective English Language Communicator who;

  • Clearly expresses ideas in the English Language

  • Effectively communicates with diverse audiences

  • Demonstrate open-mindedness

  • Understand cultural differences

  • Effectively uses other methods of communication

A Collaborative Worker who;

  • Values and demonstrates teamwork

  • Respects others' ideas

  • Recognizes, appreciates, and utilizes diversity

  • Effectively performs a variety of roles

  • Work toward the achievement of group goals

A Self Manager who;

  • Displays appropriate self-direction

  • Exhibits self-control

  • Monitors his/her own progress

  • Displays quality use of time

A Global Citizen with Integrity who;

  • Maintains high moral and ethical standards

  • Protects the natural environment

  • Practices a health and balanced life-style

  • Contributes to the welfare of society

  • Understand the Seventh-day Adventist worldview

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