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"Integrating UBON Robotics Games into Educational Curricula: A Future-Focused Approach"

Updated: May 24

The Ubon Adventist International Mission School (UAIMS) recently partnered with local organizers to host the highly anticipated Ubon Robotics Games at Sunee Tower. This event brought together educators, students, and tech enthusiasts to explore the evolving education landscape in an AI-driven world.

As part of the day's festivities, a panel of distinguished speakers from UAIMS, including

Mrs. Amy Angello, Mrs. Lisley Soares, Ms. Giulia Ludgero, Mr. Roy Rodney, and Mr. Victor Hugo Laus, shared their insights on the future of education with AI and its implications for our children.

UAIMS students also took part in the Ubon Robotics Games as enthusiastic gamers, showcasing their skills and innovative ideas in various competitions. Their participation underscored the school's commitment to hands-on learning and its dedication to preparing students for a future where technology and human ingenuity go hand in hand.

The event at Sunee Tower was a resounding success, highlighting the pivotal role of AI in education and the importance of equipping the next generation with the skills to navigate and shape an increasingly automated world. Through initiatives like the Ubon Robotics Games, UAIMS continues on the way to educational innovation, inspiring both educators and students to embrace the future with confidence and curiosity.

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