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Job Vacancies

Welcome to the Ubon Adventist International Mission School! The first Seventh-day Adventis


Ubon Adventist International Mission School teachers and administrators are dedicated educators who provides a high quality education and are committed to the moral character of each student for the advancement of Thai society, the promotion of family values, and the hope of eternal happiness. UAIMS is providing a positive learning environment, our faculty members guide children to become ethical and principled individuals.


Candidates for certified vacancies at UAIMS for SY 2024-2025 requires a professional educator’s license and at least or more than two years of experience in a K-12 school. At least BA in Education or in related field. Must be Seventh-Day Adventist. All contracts extension will be reviewed at the end of term of employment ends.


Ubon Adventist International Mission School is hiring the following positions 

  1. Kindergarten Teacher 

  2. English Teacher for Elementary 

  3. Music Teacher for Kindergarten and Elementary

  4. Middle School PE Teacher 

A Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher typically involves a range of responsibilities related to the care, education, and development of young children.

Duration: August 2024 - August 2026



  • To be a Christian example of courteousness and to provide a welcoming environment

  • To develop a curriculum that aligns with educational standards and objective

  • To participate in the UAIMS improvement and accreditation process

  • To provide differentiated instruction to accommodate diverse learning styles.

  • To support the English-Speaking Program and encourage a school-wide English-speaking environment.

  • To plan and implement age-appropriate lessons and activities.

  • To manage the daily routines and activities in the classroom.

  • To manage materials and resources effectively.

  • To assess the individual needs and abilities of each child.

  • To follow the school policies and procedures related to health and safety

  • To be prepared to handle emergencies and follow school protocols


  • A Seventh-day Adventist church member in good standing.

  • A Bachelor's degree in education or a related field.

  • 2-3 years of teaching experience in the relevant grade level

  • Strong knowledge of child development, early childhood education, and curriculum design.

  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.


Religious Affiliation:
Baptized Seventh-Day Adventist.


For Women: 

  • A dress that is to the knee or longer when standing is acceptable.

  • Full-length trousers of a non-jeans material combined with a top such as a dress shirt, polo, or sweater set are considered acceptable.

  • An informal dress with a modest neckline and shoulders covered is required.

  • Dress shoes must be worn.

  • Cosmetics/ make-up should not create an artificial appearance or bring undue attention to the teacher.

  • Hair must be neat, well-groomed, and of natural color and style.


For Men:

  • A combination of a collared shirt, such as a long sleeve or short sleeve dress shirt with a tie, is required.

  • Full-length dress pants, cotton trousers with a belt, and modest shoes with socks are acceptable.

  • Hair must be neat, well-groomed, and of natural color and style.

  • Shoulder-length hair is unacceptable.


What is unacceptable at UAIMS is:

  • Jeans or jean-type material, gym clothes, rumpled or ripped clothing, miniskirts, inappropriately revealing attire, anything that is tight, including tight skinny pants and leggings.

  • Sandals are not acceptable.

  • Jewelry, except for watches and wedding rings, is not permitted.

  • Tattoos or body/facial piercings should not be visible on any part of the body while on campus or at school-sponsored activities.



  • Salary Based on the denomination policy and experiences 

  • Housing Allowance

  • Accident Insurance

  • Social Security 

  • VISA & Working Permit


Working schedule: Monday - Friday

Working hours: 7:30 a.m. to  4:30 p.m. with lunch provided

Please send the CV to:

Thank you!

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